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If your thermostat model is not listed below, please reach out to us via email at or chat below.

Upgrade to WalTech Vision 2.0, the world's most valuable RV smart thermostat designed exclusively for RVers. Experience a new level of convenience and quality in your RV adventures.


  • Save energy by commanding backup mode when you're away.

  • Ensure your pets' safety with remote monitoring and

  • Built-in GPS for property tracking. 

Replace any Home Thermostat

All Regular home thermostat models with and without heat-pump

Replace Coleman Mach RV Thermostat

Elevate your RVing experience by upgrading your existing Coleman Mach or Airxcel RV thermostat to Waltech Vision 2.0. Easy Installation, enhanced control and convenience!

Coleman Mach / Airxcel
Single Zone

Coleman Mach- single zone.jpg
Airxcel Singe-Zone Tstat.jpg

Compatible with regular single zone Coleman Mach and Airxcel thermostats. One cooling unit and up to two heating unit. (furnace/Heat pump or Heat Strip).

Coleman Mach - Two Stage

Replace Coleman Mach and Airxcel thermostats. These models are generally single-zones with dual stage compressor or dual stage heater

Coleman Mach/ Airxcel RV Comfort (8&9 series) Zone control

Replace zone controlled Coleman Mach, Airxcel- RV Comfort thermostats. Compatible with most 8 and 9 series.

Dometic RV Thermostat

Upgrade your Dometic thermostat to WalTech Vision 2.0 - the perfect replacement for both Dometic single-zone or multi-zone thermostats with advanced features, compatibility, and connectivity.

Dometic- Single Zone

Dometic 3wire  old.png

A simple and easy replacement for 3 wire communication thermostat. With a heat pump, heat strip & furnace.

Dometic- Multizone 5 button

These are easy replacement for old 5 button Dometic multi zone RV Thermostat

Dometic CCC Multizone
10/12 button

Replacement for Dometic 10 or 12 button Multi zone. Just plug the RJ11 cable from your CCC thermostat to Waltech for easy upgrade.

Furrion RV Thermostat

Upgrade your Furrion RV thermostat with ease. Discover the enhanced features and convenience of WalTech Vision 2.0. Elevate your RV experience today!

Furrion - Single Zone & Multi Zone

Compatible with Furrion RV Thermostats, Both single-zone and Multi-zone. These are communication thermostats.

GE Single Zone RV Thermostat

Upgrade your GE single Zone RV Thermostat to Waltech Vision 2.0 and elevate your RV living experience.

GE-Single Zone

A simple and easy replacement for 3 wire communication thermostat. With a heat pump, heat strip & furnace.

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