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IoT and the rise of smart RV gadgets

The rise of smart homes is a direct result of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. IoT refers to the interconnectedness of devices and appliances, allowing them to communicate with each other and their users through the internet. This has led to the development of smart home technology, which allows homeowners to control and monitor their homes remotely through their smartphones or other devices.

One of the most popular smart home devices is the smart thermostat. These devices allow homeowners to control the temperature of their homes from anywhere, at any time, leading to significant energy savings and increased comfort.

The smart RV industry

But the RV industry has recently seen a significant rise, driven by an increased interest in outdoor activities, a desire for travel and adventure, and a trend towards minimalism and a simpler lifestyle. There are 12.7 million RV owners in the US alone and 1.5 million seasonal and full-time RVers living on the road as of 2022. These numbers show the importance of adding a smart connected device to improve the RV living experience.

But let us also look at why we haven’t seen much progress in the RV industry.

Power Difference

One of the significant challenges for IoT deployment in the RV industry is the power difference. Regular home smart thermostats like Google Nest and Ecobee rely on AC power and are not compatible with RVs, as RVs typically operate on DC power.

Versatile & Complicated HVAC wiring

Unlike home HVAC wiring, which is standard across the country, RV HVAC wiring varies based on the cooling and heating devices installed by each manufacturer. This has made designing a new smart thermostat for RVs more complex. The current aftermarket RVs consists of at least 10 different types of HVAC wiring types.

Connectivity on the road

Since the launch of SpaceX satellite internet Starlink, we have seen great progress in connectivity for full-timers. But the high monthly cost makes Starlink an expensive option for part-timers and casual campers. According to, there are more than 8 million casual and family campers in the US who camp for fewer than 80 days annually.

Recently, start-up companies have been looking into these problems and doing their best to bring innovative solutions to the current problems faced by the RV industry.

Waltech smart devices have been pioneering innovation in the RV industry by launching the world’s first hybrid smart thermostats that can operate on both AC & DC power. These patent-pending thermostats are universally compatible with both home and most RV thermostats in the market. All Waltech smart devices are enabled with both Wi-Fi and cellular, making internet connectivity possible on the go. This innovation is leading the way and giving hope to millions of RVers across the globe.

Currently, these thermostats are an upgrade option for existing single-zone thermostats; hundreds of customers across the US trust Waltech to add quality and convenience to their RV living.

Waltech’s R&D team is also working on its futuristic products that will be Bluetooth integrated and capable of communicating with other appliances inside your RV and making the thermostat a completely connected device. This will also be compatible with most existing multi-zone and single-zone thermostats in the aftermarket.

In summary, we all can hope that camping and RVing in the future will be connected, efficient, and sustainable. These new additions can make the RV experience more convenient and worry-free and help RVers better maintain their RVs and troubleshoot problems remotely.

Invest in the future

With more people seeking safe and flexible travel options, RVs offer a unique and exciting way to explore the world. From campgrounds to national parks, the RV industry is thriving, and there's never been a better time to invest. With a wide range of options available, from RV manufacturers, and rental companies to smart thermostat , you can find the right investment opportunity to match your goals and budget.

By investing in RV smart thermostat industry, you can support the development of products that cater to the unique needs of RV enthusiasts while also potentially benefiting from a profitable return on your investment. Furthermore, you can also participate in the growth of the RV industry, which is experiencing a surge in popularity. Join the RV revolution with Waltech and be a part of this exciting and growing industry today.

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