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The following FAQ below has been listed for the original Waltech device.

WalTech Vision 2.0 has some of the same answers but also some VERY important product upgrades such as:

Yes, we are now compatible with Dometic single and multi-zone communication systems!!!

Yes, we are also now compatible with Furrion single and multi-zone systems!!!

Yes, we are now also compatible with GE AND Advent single zone systems!!!

Yes, we are now also compatible with Coleman multi-zone systems!!!

Yes, we are still compatible with all of the systems that we were before, Including homes!!!

The wiring will be similar except for the addition of the small jack for some communicating systems. We will be Alexa and Google Home compatible!!! And Bluetooth too!!!

We do not have a motion sensor any longer, that will be an optional future Bluetooth device.


  • Is it compatible with Dometic Single Zone communication thermostats?
    If you are using a communication thermostat like Dometic 3-wire single zone thermostat, Please order a smart dongle as well. This will easily and flawlessly help you upgrade without making any changes to your control box.
  • How many HVAC equipments can I connect and manage using WalTech RV Smart Thermostat?
    Each Thermostat can only connect to one AC and upto two Heating Units. Heating units can be Furnace or Heat Pump/Heat Strip. We have designed our thermostat to make the wiring simple and straight forward. ......................................................................................................................................................................... The 1st two are the input current coming into the thermostat. The third is the convertable relay input as discussed in the drawing. The other 5 are relays(#4 to 8) energize each HVAC component in your RV. We have 5 relays. Two relays connect to heating units(4 & 5), the other 2 connect fan speed Low/ High(6 & 7), and one connects to the cooling system(8). Some systems do not have fan speed wiring options. If you only have one fan speed, we suggest that you use a jumper wire to connect your single fan to both of our terminals. If you don't have 2 heating unit, we suggest you to connect your one heater to the Heat 1 which is the port number 5.
  • If I have 2 cooling units in my RV(For example one in my bedroom and one in my living room), do I need two thermostats?"
    Yes, you need two thermostats because WalTech is not compatible with multi-zone thermostats. Each WalTech Smart Thermostat installed in different zones will give you accurate temperature and humidity details from that specific area. Both devices can be connected and controlled from anywhere in the world using a single mobile app.
  • What if I don't have high and low fans?
    Some old HVAC systems do not have high & low fan speed options. In that case, you can connect your fan to any WalTech fan relay output.
  • Can I have multiple mobile app users for a single thermostat?
    Yes, you can have multiple mobile app users for the same thermostat.
  • Is there a monthly fee, or Can I cancel the monthly cellular subscription if I don’t want to use it?
    Yes, you can. By default, all our devices come with a built-in sim card. While activating your device, the first month's charge of $5.99 will take place. But if you have a strong Wi-Fi connection in your camper you do not have to continue paying the monthly amount. You can go to your “My Profile” in your app and deactivate your monthly subscription anytime. You will not incur monthly charges of $5.99. There is no commitment or contract. Also, remember since the sim card is assigned to you, you can activate your cellular membership anytime you need it, and it will be reactivated.
  • Why do you need an active card on the file?
    Please understand that we are not a bigger corporation and do not have a lot of staff to manage back-and-forth emails. We wanted our process to be automated as much as possible so that we can reduce efforts on both sides. We ask for an active card to be placed on the file so that you can seamlessly manage your cellular subscriptions by yourself through our app without contacting us. If you face issues we will step in and do our best to solve them.
  • Is Waltech 2.0 Bluetooth enabled?
    Yes, WalTech 2.0 is Bluetooth enabled. If you do not have Wi-Fi or within the cellular range. You can always use our Bluetooth to connect to your thermostat within the local range. Also, Waltech 1.0 is not a Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Is WalTech compatible with Alexa?
    No, we are not. It will be in the future. You will be able to do an over-the-air firmware and software update to use as the connected device.
  • What is pet monitoring?
    Based on your pet's comfort. You can set lower and upper temperature limits. Whenever your room temperature exceeds that limit the pet monitoring feature will alert you immediately. Also, your WalTech RV thermostat tracks the incoming voltage, and during a power outage, the voltage drops. An alert will be triggered when there is a significant drop in voltage so that you can take quick action.
  • I want to know how are you tracking my HVAC usage?
    Very easy to understand the logic. We calculate runtime for all your devices like AC, Heater, and both fans. Inside our mobile app settings, you can provide BTU for all your HVAC components. Using that information we will calculate the approximate cost of propane usage and electricity usage for each piece of equipment within your HVAC every day.
  • What type of motion sensor do you need inside WalTech?
    We use a PIR motion sensor to detect any motion inside your RV. As designed, anytime a motion is detected the blue light in the device will be switched on. But if you are not inside your RV you can use the same feature for security purposes. By switching on the security feature it can detect any suspicious activity and alert you immediately.
  • How do I know if this is compatible with my existing RV thermostat?
    Waltech Vision 2.0 is universally compatible. It means that it is compatible with major RV thermostat brands like Coleman Mach (Single, Two-stage, & Multi-zone) AirXcel (Single, & Multi-zone) Dometic (Single, & Multi-zone) Furrion (Single, & Multi-zone) GE (Single-zone) Advent (Single-zone) Please check the compatibility page [] for reference. If you still have a question, please email us at ""
  • What is a built-in sim card and how much does it cost every month?
    WalTech is a smart thermostat and needs to be connected to the internet so that you can control it using your mobile app remotely. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection you can always use Wi-Fi to connect your smart thermostat. But if you do not have a stable Wi-Fi. you can use the built-in global sim card to connect to Waltech. This is optional and not mandatory. Waltech 2.0 We use a global sim card that connects with (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cellular One). It is $7.99 monthly. The charges are only when you use our cellular connection. When you are not camping you can turn it off and will not incur monthly charges.
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