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WalTech RV Smart Thermostat
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Convert your traditional RV to "Smart Home on Wheels"

Join the RV Revolution with WalTech - Trusted by Hundreds of Satisfied RV Owners!

Discover the Power of WalTech - The Proven Choice for Smart RV Living

Our proven product is trusted and loved by RV enthusiasts nationwide. Experience the convenience, control, and peace of mind that WalTech brings to your RV journey. Upgrade your RV today and be a part of the RV revolution with WalTech!

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Universal Compatibility
Upgrade Your RV with Ease!

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Compatibility: Works with any old or outdated thermostat, including popular brands like Dometic, Coleman, Airxcel, Furrion, GE, and Advent.

Easy Installation: Simply unplug the wires from your existing thermostat and plug them into WalTech 2.0 for instant functionality.

Effortless Upgrade: No wiring modifications needed. Experience the benefits of a smart thermostat hassle-free.

Upgrade your thermostat today and take control of your RV's climate like never before! 

Global Connectivity
Stay Connected Anywhere, Even Off the Grid!

Reliable Connectivity: Comes with a built-in global SIM card for seamless internet access, no matter where you are.

Stay in Control: Whether hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, ensure your RV is always at the perfect temperature when you return.

Seamless Integration: WalTech automatically connects to major networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Cellular One.

Say goodbye to unreliable campground Wi-Fi and expensive satellite internet. 

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Universal Power Acceptance.png

Universal Power Acceptance

Experience Versatile Power Acceptance for Any Environment!

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From the Open Road to Remote Hideaways. Experience the freedom of connectivity in any setting. With unparalleled power acceptance ranging from 7.5V to 32V on both AC and DC, our smart thermostat seamlessly operates no matter where your journey takes you.


Whether it's your cherished RV, serene houseboat, cozy ice fishing cabin, or secluded, remote retreat, WalTech ensures uninterrupted comfort and control. 

Advanced Pet Monitoring

Elevate Your Pet's Safety and Comfort with Advanced Pet Monitoring!

Beyond Basic Alerts: With our intuitive mobile app, you can not only receive alerts but also remotely adjust the temperature for your furry friend's comfort instantly.

Power Outage Monitoring: Our built-in backup battery ensures continuous monitoring and notifications, even during power outages.

Real-time Voltage Monitoring: You can monitor your RV's power supply and ensure that your pet's environment remains stable and secure.

Take action now and enjoy peace of mind wherever your adventures take you!

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Waltech is keeping them safe

Tessy Mae.png

My little Tessie Mae is everything to me. I feel she is safe with all weather conditions when I leave her inside the camper while on a hike or a run to the local store. 



Trixie loves her WalTech thermostat. I love it for peace of mind knowing that I can check the temperature anywhere I’m at, making sure all my dogs are safe.



Waltech changed our camping life. Knowing that my boy is safe inside is amazing. ​We are happy and so is Browny.


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Universal Thermostat & beyond

Embrace the Future of RVing

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Integrate Voice Control: Pair Waltech 2.0 effortlessly with Alexa and Google Home for voice-activated control.

Mobile App to control all: A single mobile app to control all other techs inside your RV.

A game-changing solution that will revolutionize the way RV owners interact with technology onboard.


Waltech serves as the central hub (its brain), allowing effortless communication between various devices, sensors, and components used inside RVs every day. (This feature is only available with future software updates)

Unlock the power of GPS
The Must-Have Feature for RV Owners who Rent!

GPS Image.png

Elevate your rental business with WalTech's built-in GPS. Know the exact location of your rented RV in real-time, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced security. 

Waltech 1.0

  • Compatible with Coleman/Airxcel Single Zone.

  • Wi-Fi + Built-in sim card

  • Advance pet monitoring

  • Wide power acceptance (7.5 to 32v AC & DC power)

  • Built with a back-up battery

MSRP : $299

VR Thermostat.278.jpg
Thermostat Pic.png

​Waltech 2.0

  • Universal Compatibility

  • Wi-Fi + Built-in Global Sim Card + Bluetooth

  • Advance pet monitoring

  • Wide power acceptance (7.5 to 32v AC & DC power)

  • Built with a back-up battery

  • Built-In GPS tracker

  • Alexa / Google Home Integration.

  • Smart Hub- Connect other appliances and sensors

  • 3.4 inch Touch Screen display

MSRP : $309

Launch Offer : $299

Innovator's Exclusive

Calling all visionaries and RV enthusiasts! Experience the cutting-edge technology of Waltech Vision 2.0 before anyone else.

Secure this one time offer today for just

$249 - (SOLD-OUT)

July 10-Aug 10

Special Launch offers - Don't Miss Your Chance!

Pioneer Advantage

As a Pioneer, you thrive on being at the forefront of innovation. Gain unparalleled advantage on your RV journeys.

Join the exclusive group of early adopters.

$249 - (SOLD-OUT)

Aug 11-  Sept 10

Early Adopter's Special

RV owners who crave the latest technology, this is for you. Be part of an exclusive community and never miss a beat when it comes to RV innovation. 

$299 (MSRP: $309)

Limited quantities available.

Sept 11-  Oct 10

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Built by a fellow RVer

“Growing up, my family camped in a tent, and we ultimately graduated to a pop-up camper. Once I had a family of my own, we moved into GLAMPING status with an RV equipped with heat and air conditioning—whew!

My family and I spent many vacations in campgrounds during hot summers and freezing winters. We would often leave the RV to go site-seeing, and we would set our thermostat to an energy-saving temperature while we were away. I always thought, ‘How convenient would it be if I could control my thermostat remotely (like I can do with my home)?’
Given my 30 years of expertise in the HVAC industry, I was able to complete my own DIY project to remotely control the system in my camper, but I realized there wasn’t anything available for my fellow RVers to do the same. Thus the idea of the RV Smart Thermostat was born!
With the experience of my co-founder and collaborative team of software and hardware experts, we have created a ready-to-use smart thermostat for RVers around the world.”
Dan Walsdorf
Founder and President
WalTech International, Inc.

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