WalTech RV Smart Thermostat
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World's Most Versatile RV Thermostat

Control your RV climate
from anywhere in the world!



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All-In-One Device
Designed For RV Living

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Power Range

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PIR Sensor

Security Monitoring

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Pet Monitoring

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IOS & Android

Mobile App

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WiFi & Sim Card

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HVAC Runtime


Innovated with Love For The Traveling Pets

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Keep your pets safe when you leave them behind!


Our pet temperature monitor will notify you instantly by sending alerts to your smartphone about temperature changes and power loss.

Unlike other pet monitoring devices that will alert you and ask you to run back to your camper, Waltech lets you remotely control your HVAC devices using your smartphone.

Designed For Boondocking

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Built-in Wi-Fi, Sim card, and a programmable RV thermostat!

WalTech works excellent if you have good Wi-Fi in your camper, but as an RVer, we know most campground Wi-Fi’s are unreliable. So, we intelligently built-in a sim card inside your thermostat so that it can connect to your mobile app and lets you remotely control your thermostat from your smartphone, even when you are boondocking. 


Equally Designed for Home & RV Users


AC Power

The World's first and only hybrid smart thermostat works on AC and DC power. Accepting a Wide Range of power inputs from as low as 7.5V to as high as 32V on both AC & DC makes WalTech unique from all its competitors.

Manage multiple devices with the same mobile app.


DC Power

Comes with a built-in PIR motion sensor so you don't have to pay extra for security systems.  It will alert you during any suspicious activity so that you can take immediate action to protect your investment. 

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Built-In PIR Motion Sensor

With Propane & Electricity Runtime Tracker

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HVAC contributes to more than 50% of energy usage. Understanding runtime and cost will help you take measures that can save a lot of energy wasted. And that means smart and sustainable RV living.

Easy To Install

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Mount bracket to the wall

Mount the bracket to the wall, connect the wires to the strip.

Plug & Connect the strip

Plug & connect the green wire strip to the back of the device.

Attach & Twist to Lock

Attach and twist to lock the device to the wall bracket. Ready to use

Compatible With Most Single-Zone RV Thermostats!

If you have Coleman Mach or AirXcel RV thermostat

WalTech is easily compatible with any of your existing thermostats with straightforward wiring. Like Coleman Mach, AirXcel, Advent, etc. Check our quick help videos now!

Dometic Users!

If you are using a communication thermostat like Dometic 3-wire single zone thermostat, Please order a smart dongle as well. This will easily and flawlessly help you upgrade without making any changes to your control box.

The Most Valuable Investment For Your RV

Our products are not mass-produced like the big companies that make smart home thermostats.

Our products are specifically designed for RV owners, and home thermostats will not work in your camper because the voltage is different (24v Ac).


We thoughtfully added these critical features to your thermostat so that you don't have to spend more money buying each additional component. WalTech is truly the best investment for your RV.

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Build by a fellow RVer

“Growing up, my family camped in a tent, and we ultimately graduated to a pop-up camper. Once I had a family of my own, we moved into GLAMPING status with an RV equipped with heat and air conditioning—whew!

My family and I spent many vacations in campgrounds during hot summers and freezing winters. We would often leave the RV to go site-seeing, and we would set our thermostat to an energy-saving temperature while we were away. I always thought, ‘How convenient would it be if I could control my thermostat remotely (like I can do with my home)?’
Given my 30 years of expertise in the HVAC industry, I was able to complete my own DIY project to remotely control the system in my camper, but I realized there wasn’t anything available for my fellow RVers to do the same. Thus the idea of the RV Smart Thermostat was born!
With the experience of my co-founder and collaborative team of software and hardware experts, we have created a ready-to-use smart thermostat for RVers around the world.”
Dan Walsdorf
Founder and President
WalTech International, Inc.